Depending on the size of a dog, puppy years could range from 1 to 2 years, and anyone who is savvy about dogs knows that their first couple of years are crucial. Raising a puppy is not easy. For it is similar to raising a human baby. It takes a lot of work, and many people do not realize that it does take a lot of work to train a puppy.
     There are some resources out there that are helpful, some extensive, and some not helpful at all. Petsmart’s Puppy Guide seems to be the leading product to buy; for most have probably seen them on commercials. I received one from my sister and went straight to the coupons. It has some small tips in the beginning of the book, but it is more like a coupon book and not really a puppy guide.
     So I wanted to create a better alternative from this puppy guide and make it more fun and interactive, and I believe my app ‘Paws Out” portrays that very well. Comparing my app to other guides, “Paws Out” helps pet owners find everything they need all in one place.
     The app will ask a couple of questions about your puppy and then you will be rerouted to where you are at with your dog today. It will give alerts, such as when to take your puppy outside, how often you should feed your puppy, what shots they are due for, daily tips, and more. Speaking from personal experience with my puppy, I believe the app will be very useful, especially to those who are on their own or do not have much help around them.