Raising and training a puppy requires consistent commitment over the first two years of their life. While some puppy guides, websites, or apps might be resourceful, how can we make training your pet fun for the owner? Madia wanted to create an app that was a more engaging and interactive alternative to traditional puppy guides. After gathering much research from vet professionals, she developed a UI/UX design with animations and named the app project "Paws Out."
The app aims to help pet owners find everything they need in one place. As you use the app, it gets to know your pet and guides you to helpful information such as foods your pup shouldn't eat, finding local veterinarians, or accessing live chat from a Paw professional. Pet owners can also set up alerts to get daily tips and to remind them of important tasks such as taking their pets outside, feeding them, and getting their vaccinations. The app also lets you interact with your pet through different camera filters. How fun!