Hello, my name is Madia. Born in 1994, with military parents (Hispanic and Black), I have traveled to many places around the United States. I haven't seen many, many things, but I have experienced a lot within the years I have lived on this earth. It has been a wild ride. 
During my elementary and beginning of high school years, I spent a lot of my time in dance studios, piano lessons, pageants, band, cheerleading, church, just hoping I would flourish in one of these fields. Though during my high school years, I spent going back and forth between private school and homeschool, and I still didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I eventually graduated high school in 2012 and decided to go to college.
College was one of the best experiences of my life. I will always recommend generations younger than me to experience college. Even if you don't learn anything from your professors (which I did!), you should still take something back from that experience. I know I did! It might of taken me a little longer to graduate, but I finally graduated in 2017, with a B.A. in Graphic Design. After college, I decided to pursue my career at either an advertising agency or doing graphic design work on my own. 
Searching for the perfect job and putting some experience on my belt, I currently work as the Creative Director for a Smoke/Vape Distribution Center. My portfolio and life still continues to grow and all I can do is have faith and hope for the best.